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At Contemporary Events we have a decade-long proven track record of excellence, and because we provide selected project essentials in-house, we have created a flexible infrastructure to fashion your biggest and most intricate vision.

Every team member at Contemporary Events believes in creating longstanding relationships. We build deep-rooted partnerships, not only with our valued customers, but also with industry-leading suppliers. This ensures that our project collaborators will go the extra mile when it comes to your project needs.

Paired with our strategy of industry partnerships, we are the only known event organising agency having successfully integrated all event aesthetics, food services together with comprehensive health & safety consulting into a seamless product offering. This allows us to create a flexible platform to design, produce and execute glamorous, innovative and contemporary project concepts to exact precision. 

Contemporary Events is very pleased to be actively involved in improving the lives of our team members & collaborators and we are proud to be a Level 2 contributor to broad-based Black economic empowerment.


  • Eventful Spending in 2016.

    18 Jan 2016

    With the economy growing ever tougher, corporate companies are faced with the difficult decision of whether or not to host their annual calendar of conferences and team building events.


    Eventful Spending in 2016. - 18 Jan 2016

    Eventful Spending in 2016.

    With the economy growing ever tougher, corporate companies are faced with the difficult decision of whether or not to host their annual calendar of conferences and teambuilding events.

    I read a Thomas Jefferson quote this week that goes; “The man who stops advertising to save money, is like the man who stops the clock to save time”.

    Advancing the right company messaging should never be limited to external stakeholders only, as some of your most important ambassadors are your employees. Even though we would like to believe that everyday corporate communication is enough to bring all employees in line with company messaging, a more engaging approach remains the most effective way of generating collaborative company buy-in.

    Truth is; employees need to be motivated either by penalty or by incentive. It is innately human to want to be part of a pack, and fostering an environment where your unique attributes are valued & respected is the highest level of incentive if you think back to Maslow’s pyramid of needs.

    That is why, well managed, thoughtful and clear message driven team building events & conferences, are positive ways to motivate, inform and improve morale in your organization.

    Investing in your people is essential, especially in tougher times and the equation of how much you might lose by not making employees part of your decision making, and by not including them in your future plans, far outweigh your inset costs.

    The best way to ensure that you retrieve the maximum value out of your events this year is to align yourself with a vendor that is an industry expert. When appointing a supplier ask yourself the following questions to select the correct value proposition:
    - How long has the supplier been in business?
    - Who are their clients? And,
    - What do they bring to the table that no one else can?
    where the most important question, is the last one.


  • "What The Craft"

    26 Nov 2015

    Real men drink beer. This is a saying many a group of men have uttered in pubs, around braai's and after sinking some balls on golf courses. . In fact one can even imagine a small


    "What The Craft" - 26 Nov 2015

    Real men drink beer. This is a saying many a group of men have uttered in pubs, around braai's and after sinking some balls on golf courses. In fact one can even imagine a small group of guys huddled around a fire with the half build pyramids in the background enjoying lively conversations, lubricated with delicious ale.

    Beer brewing has been part of recorded history for a very long time, and it could be proclaimed that civilization was floated on this traditional libation. Making it a very important part of professional life since, well, work was invented.

    Fast forward back to the recent decade and beer has really returned to its traditional roots in the form of Craft Beer.

    So what is the big deal about Craft Beer? - Well, these are no ordinary pints. They are so special that the definition of Craft Beer, is not definite. Most who have written about, or established breweries also struggle to give a universal meaning.

    In layman’s terms, its beer that has been brewed and distributed on small scale in comparison to the large, global industrial breweries.

    Most micro breweries use Malt, Hops and water to artisnally create their tipple, and some even include fruits for a sweeter brew. You read correctly, a sweet beer for customers with an adventurous palate (as long as it’s not a pink beer). The process is not complicated but you will need a degree of patience.

    As a beer loving nation of over 135 craft breweries, also known as handcraft beer, Hop-heads around South Africa have turned this one time hobby into boutique businesses. Smoked Malt beer, beers made using fruits, spices, honey, or herbs, and even seasonal beer cater to the discerning taste buds of South Africa’s beer enjoying community.

    To accommodate most craft beers, Chef Brett Ladds from Essence Catering recommends smoked Eisbein and Sauerkrauts served on a bed of Almond mashed potatoes. We realize that this is a very German meal, but as we respect their proud beer drinking culture we are sure this combination is perfect for any South African man too.

    The pickled pork leg should be smoked whilst the sauerkrauts should be served cold and obviously everyone loves their mashed potatoes nice and warm, all washed down with your favorite, or newly tried Craft Beer.


  • #Movember with our Visual Communicator

    13 Nov 2015

    For the month of November, we are celebrating all things men. As the #Movember campaign is all about awareness and healthy living, we find out more about Roderick and his insights on


    #Movember with our Visual Communicator - 13 Nov 2015

    For the month of November, we are celebrating all things men. As the #Movember campaign is all about awareness and healthy living, we find out more about Roderick and his insights on design.


    Who is Roderick?
    Simply put, I'm an art instillation, a piece that’s constantly changing and adapting, with little or no notice but still holds consequential value.

    What do you do at Contemporary Events?
    I head up all things design at CE from maintaining and building the corporate Identity of all three (3) companies to requiting and maintaining new and existing clients through proposals and other design elements.

    What does that mean?
    It means I'm the plumbing of the company, everything passes my desk but I'm always behind the scenes so no-one really notices me which goes hand in hand with who I am.

    What’s your best work?
    My best work... Personally i love the showcase invite and thank You, but the masses that follow the Contemporary group say my women’s day post

    What’s your take on events as a man?
    Events for me is a couple things, because I”m visually inclined to notice things. It must be ascetically appealing, good food, good entertainment and great conversation go a long way.

    Any personal aspirations?
    I live my life according to a saying: “Live an inspiration so others can aspire to be you”. I’d love to become an exhibiting artist currently working on ideas to showcase my work in a way that’s different and that can set me apart, watch the space I’ll be in an art gallery near you soon.
    I’ve always had a love for print media, namely magazines I would love to become a prominent figure in different magazines and start my own, I can’t tell you the idea just in case you steal it before I get my patent “LOL”
    I’m also an amateur photographer. I’d like to shoot covers for magazines and the ultimate dream is to go on an assignment for National Geographic.
    Lastly I would love to travel the world, couple bae-cations here and there, well I’d have to find a girlfriend first, I am available HINT HINT.

    Aspirations about Contemporary Events?
    CE Aspirations, I would love to see the design department grow bigger and better in terms of the role we play in every event, bracing out in a full production house from design all the way to print all in-house nothing outsourced.

    As a young, healthy bachelor (ladies, he did hint twice,LOL), How do you keep fit?
    I keep fit by trying to eat healthy food and going to gym, as often as I can its tricky sometimes because I tend to get really busy at work, but should never skip leg day. “LOL”

    November aka #Movember is cancer awareness month; ever had your pair checked?
    I have actually never checked my reproductive babies hey, I think I need to consider going soon.





A MASKED AFFAIR - 3 DEC 2014, Shell Batho Pelle Awards, 100 pax

The night for Mystery had begun with the Shell Bathopele awards that were held at the elegant Summer Place in Hyde Park. It felt as if we stepped off onto the pulsating docks in front of the Palazzo lined canal and made our own way towards the piazza. Around every dimly lit corner, mysterious masked people and glamorous fashions filled our senses with a kaleidoscope of colours and flavours where the city of Venice erupts into Carnival.

The Masked Guest walked upon a red carpet as they entered the venue towards their welcome drinks, just the right way to kick off their evening, wouldn't you agree? The MC for the occasion was the tall, dark and handsome Emmanuel Castis that suited the mysterious theme brilliantly.

The guests dined atop draped luxurious velvet table cloths, complimented with crystal dinner ware, Venetian inspired centre pieces with floral creations, designed to enhance the guest's experience. As for the Entertainment we had collaboration between the Classical, sophisticated ballet moves and the rugged fast paced Hip hop dancers, which worked so well together. Guests loved the idea. The night ended off with the renowned Ivan Lazarov and the sweet sounds of his Violin.

I would definitely describe the night as beautiful, elegant and mysterious.

BRICK BY BRICK - 28 NOVEMBER 2014, GIZ, 300 pax

The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit or for short; GIZ had their annual Year end function at their premises in Brooklyn, Pretoria. The theme for this event was breaking barriers; the idea was to recreate the exhilarating experience of breaking through physical and metaphorical walls in every element of the event.

Guests arrived to a huge wall with performer's hands passing them drinks through holes, to reiterate the theme in a fun and wacky way. Guests had the experience of placing their own personalised tags on walls with live graffiti artists.

Event-goers were comfortably seated in three formats namely, ottoman, cocktail and cafe styles. The tented function was decorated with LED furniture, abstract neon vases and Bricks laid out on tables. Tables were surrounded with grey and colourful ottomans for easy seating. As the formalities of the evening had passed DJ Sentle took to the stage and hit the decks hard, as a massive party erupted.

Guests danced all night!!

THE PERFECT PYRAMID - 12 JULY 2014, DRA Mining, 1000 pax

DRA's Birthday Bash!!Turning 30 is always a big milestone in life and it is no smaller an achievement for organisations. It is an accomplishment to celebrate, and so we did.

The function was held at the lush green Helderfontein Estate in Lonehill.Walking in, guests were treated to a green Cocktail dubbed 'the Emerald', and was a delicious, Absinthe based cocktail, served in a Martini glass. The venue was set up in an array of green everywhere, installed with large black and white stretched draping panels to create a visually appealing ceiling as well as help with temperature insulation of the space. Green "cheese cloth" stretches are strategically added to wash the structure with green organic shapes.

From each of the four edges of the stage trees are lined up diagonally towards the corners of the venue, and almost seem to extend the lines of the pyramid shaped stage installation. Behind the green illuminated bar units on either side of the venue large green foliage and orchid installation are erected to interest and amaze guests.

An electrical Violinist walked through the crowd enticing them to dance, as she faded out and the DJ started up, a flash mob appeared and clever choreographed hip dancers were dancing in between the guests. To end off this eventful night, guests walked up the stairs as they were existing the venue and received beautiful charged solar jars to guide them to their cars.



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